Mission, Organization & Roles


“The mission of the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association is to Promote Quality Mediation Throughout Texas.”

Organization & Roles

  • TMCA is a multidisciplinary association of mediators.
  • TMCA offers voluntary credentialing to all mediators in Texas who qualify under the standards set by the Association.
  • TMCA has adopted and publishes a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that apply to all TMCA Credentialed mediators.
  • TMCA reviews qualifications of applicants against established minimum standards of training, experience, and continuing education in the mediation field.
  • TMCA maintains a publicly accessible list of mediators who have been granted TMCA Credentials.
  • TMCA provides a forum for the acceptance of grievances against TMCA Credentialed mediators and the enforcement of the established Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.